Proud Member of ONE Global Design

A network of 21 corporate architecture and design firms in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Singapore and United Kingdom. Why does our association with ONE Global matter?

Geographic Reach

Our partner firms represent more than 1,600 design professionals in 15 U.S. cities, 4 Canadian provinces and Mexico City, as well as locations in India, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our connection to our partners runs deep, and our close relationships allow us to be our clients’ go-to design resource even when the project is located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Diverse Expertise

One criteria of membership is the ability to add something unique to the mix. This results in a collection of firms that provide broad expertise across a wide range of market sectors. With this awesome network of talented professionals behind us, we can draw on expertise that we may not have in house.

Local Knowledge

Perhaps the greatest value of ONE Global Design for our clients is the ability to work with a firm they trust in a different geographic market, without losing the invaluable local insight of a firm located in the same region as the project. In this way, they can leverage the familiar relationship of a hometown firm while tapping into the local knowledge of our ONE Global partner.

Partner Firms

North & Central America

Atlanta, GA | Hendrick

Austin, TX | NoackLittle

Boston, MA | Visnick & Caulfield

Charlotte, NC | Progressive AE

Chicago, IL | Partners by Design

Columbus, OH | Design Collective

Denver, CO | Acquilano

Lauderdale, FL | IDDI

Grand Rapids, MI | Progressive AE

Los Angeles, CA | Wolcott

North & Central America

Mexico City, MX | ZVA Interiores

New York, NY | Design Republic


Philadelphia, PA | Meyer


Seattle, WA | JPC Architects

Toronto, ON | figure3

Vancouver, BC | SSDG Interiors

Washington D.C. | FOX Architects

Winnipeg, MB | RIDI


Leeds, UK | TP Bennett

London, UK | TP Bennett

Manchester, UK | TP Bennett

India & Asia

Bangalore, India | DSP

Hyderabad, India | DSP

Mumbai, India | DSP

New Delhi, India | DSP

Pune, India | DSP

Singapore, Singapore | DSP